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I'm a food voyeur and a crazed culinary: I am becoming more and more belly driven.  I once had to explain to an employee at Best Buy that I was looking for a camera that could take covert pictures of food in restaurants with soft lighting. 

And, since there is really no other treatment for this condition, I decided to blog about it. 

I began my blog during a slow semester of teaching.  Due to many semesters of teaching writing, film, and pop culture, I tend to be overly analytical.  When starting my blog, what I really wanted to explore is what food means.   Although this was my initial mission, my blog has lately become as much a discussion on what food means culturally as a food narrative.  Food has been such an important part of my life: in which dishes are reminders of people, recipes are family legacies, and dishes are the silent member of the social gathering.  Now, through blogging about travels, recipes and experiments, and occasional “food for thought,” I have turned food into a means of documenting my life.  My blog has become a catalogue of sensory memories. 

My blog is first dedicated to reclaiming the soul, storytelling, and simplicity of food and secondly to explore the term, "foodie."  There are restaurant, winery, and brewery reviews, recipes, and questions about food and culture.  There will be high end adventures, low end adventures, and a myriad of the in-between. If you, too, are a down home foodie, I hope you will enjoy this blog.

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  1. Your blog is great and the pics are gorgeous. Signing up for your feed and can't wait to read more.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! You have a pretty sassy blog yourself.


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