Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

As you have noticed, I haven't written anything for a quite a while on Down Home Foodie.  Although I had a lot of fun writing this blog and am proud of all my posts, I think it is time to explore new territory. 

So, I'm retiring Down Home Foodie

And, I'm starting a new blog called IT Foodie

What is IT Foodie?  Well, the gist is it is a new blog designed to help you make your food blog more interactive and creative.  Yes, there are blog improvement sites out there, but I wanted one specifically to help food bloggers.   My goal is to introduce a new piece of IT or Web 2.0 program, tell you how to adapt it for a food blog, and then walk you through how to use it. 

My overall hopes for IT Foodie are . . .

  1. Help give food bloggers ideas on ways to spice up their posts.  
  2. Feature Guest Posts from food bloggers who want to share helpful programs they use in their own blogs.
  3. Create posts to help generate creative ideas and then follow-up with posts from readers who want to offer their own suggestions.  In this way, I'd like this blog to be a way to collect and house ideas from lots of people, not just be a vehicle for me.   
I appreciate all the time you've spent following Down Home Foodie, and I hope you'll be willing to give my new blog a try.  

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