Thursday, March 17, 2011

On the Road . . . Sarasota (Pt. 3): More Seafood

Daiquiri Deck: Seafood, Part II
One of the evenings in Sarasota was set aside for enjoying both Siesta Key’s sandy beach and its post-swimming recreations.  There a several places of interest, but the place we went with was Daquiri Deck, which was chosen solely one thing—Daiquiri’s. 
The friends I went with are visitors to Louisiana many times over and are used to the commonness of the Daiquiri Drive-Thru.  I, on the other hand, had eyes as big as Daiquiri machines and was hypnotized by swirling greens, blues, reds, and yellows.  Couple great food with a two-for-one happy special on frozen, churning, fruity grain alcohol, and you have the adult equivalent of a kid in a candy store. 
For an appetizer, I split Florida Gatorbites.  As you can see from the picture, they were so good that I forgot to take a picture until it was almost too late.  Gator is an interesting meat.  I first had it a Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.  Like Daiquiri Deck’s Gatorbites, they were fried and tasted like a gamier version of dark chicken meat.  At the time I thought they were good, but in comparison to the ones at Daquiri Deck, I’ve sense wondered if the nuggets at Gatorland were gators that had gotten too old to perform in the jump-a-roo exhibition.  The Gator Bites at Daiquiri Deck were a little chewy, as gator meat is want to be, but were still tender, well-seasoned, and lacked gaminess. 

For the main, I had a Soft Shell Crab sandwich that was everything you want from what looks like a fried spider on a bun.  It had a similar breading to the Gator Bites and was crunchy and with crab that was supple and rich.  Put a little of the “Daquiri Deck Fruit Fusion Hot Sauce,” and you have a good eats that is citrusy with a hint of heat. 
The only miss for me was the Oyster Shooter.  I’m a fan of Bizarre Foods and No Reservations.  Inspired by their risks with fermented shark, whisky infused with rattlesnake, live squid tentacles, and chicken feet,  I took my shot glass of oyster, sunk in red murky tequila water, and threw caution to the wind.
One wish is that I had tried something a little safer like the “the Original” (vodka, bloody mary mix, and pepper).
A second wish is that I had not gotten the smell in my nose first. 
A third wish is that my boyfriend had gotten the picture of me before the tasting, a look of daring anticipation on my face, instead of post-intake with a face that is clearly trying not to throw-up. 
Summary—daiquiris good and two-for-one better, Gator Bites a must have, Soft Crab a bullseye, and the oyster shots, a foolhardy adventure. 
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