Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farm Weeks: Harrisonburg Farmer's Market

My last adventure in Farm Weeks was not really going to a farm, but going to a Farmer’s Market.  I had always heard great things about the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Harrisonburg, but had just not made it over there yet.  I have no good excuse because it runs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so I should have gotten by a long time ago. 
It is quite an event going to the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market.  There are arts and crafts, things to eat now and things to eat later, salty and sweet, healthy and decadent, cheeses and meats, and lots and lots of baked goods both grainy and fluffy. 
Here are several pictures to show you the Market's cornucopia of plenty: 

For my visit, I picked up a cheddar cauliflower, baby zucchini and yellow squash, some tomatoes that reject the usual guise of red, white yams, and a red onion. 
The zucchini and squash were sautéed with butter and white wine.  The tomatoes ended up eaten on their own with salt and thrown raw in with some whole wheat pasta and Asiago cheese.  
The cauliflower, white yams, and onion were mixed with celery, an apple, white lentils, vegetable broth, spices (salt, celery seeds, thyme, pepper, and dried peppers), chamomile tea, white wine, and Greek yogurt. 
 I’ve never tried cooking soup with chamomile, but thought it worked well as a complimentary note to the celery, apples, and cheddar cauliflower (which has sweetness to it).  Then, the lentils and yams gave it nice body.  For the finale, I pureed it with a hand blender and smoothed it out with the yogurt. 

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