Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BBQ/Picnic Sides Tip #4: Try a Little Pizzazz

There are lots of ways of giving a little something surprising to bbq/picnic salads.  These are my three favorites. . . .
  • Alcohol--My brother did this for his coleslaw once and now I don't make coleslaw without it.  Cook the onions and then when the onions are almost done, add about a scant fourth of a cup of white tequila. Let the alcohol cook off and then mix it into the coleslaw dressing once it has cooled.  I also add a small splash of tequila to the coleslaw and add substitute lime for lemon juice for a better flavor pairing. When using alcohol the main two things to remember are to cook off the alcohol so it isn't too strong and adjust other acids in the dressing.
  • Horseradish—I love adding horseradish to macaroni, coleslaw, and potato salads.  Especially potato salad.  The biggest tip with it, a little goes a really long way.  With horseradish you want the heat and the hint, but not enough that you clearing out your guest's sinuses
  • Caramelized onion puree—For this you just caramelize some onions and puree it in the blender with your other dressing ingredients.  This works well with macaroni salad. 
Hope these hints inspire you to rethink picnic salads.  Stay tuned for tomorrow for my favorite potato salad recipe to get you started. 
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