Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Southwest Pit BBQ

Before moving to Lincoln, NE, I went to’s website while they were having a Christmas sale to stock up on gift certificates to restaurants I wanted to try.  The first one on my list to try was Southwest Pit BBQ on P and 16th

Given that Lincoln is the home of Ribfest, I figured any bbq places in town have high standards.  So, I was pretty excited to get to load up on all the different smoky options that Southwest has to offer.  Because of having to spend $35 to use the gift certificate, Dennis and I got an excuse to try a lot.  Given the very reasonable prices on the sandwiches and sides, getting to $35 was a little tricky to do.   To get a full sample, we ordered a full slab of ribs, 10 wings, one brisket sandwich, one pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, and potato salad. 

After sampling everything, I had rather mixed feelings. All the meats are incredibly tender.  The ribs and wings just melt off the bone and the brisket and pulled port are incredibly moist.  There is a nice touch of smoke and that helps give the meat a little depth. 

The con is the sauce and flavor.  Everything felt a little under seasoned.  The sauce, that was on all four meat options, simply lacked depth.  Even so basic as a tad more salt and pepper and spice would have gone a long way to bring out more of a savory quality. 

All in all, a good deal and not a bad place to pick up a pulled pork sandwich in a pinch.  However, for the most have bbq in town, I think I’ll keep looking.      
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