Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue: Sushi Sake Grill

Dennis had an audition in Omaha on Sunday, so I went with him to enjoy an afternoon out.  To find a place to eat, I went onto Urbanspoon,, and a couple “10 Best” lists.  What I ended up picking was a sushi place, Blue, which several people had mentioned as the best place to get sushi.  That recommendation, plus all day food and drink Happy Hour specials was all I needed to know.

To start, Dennis and I both had Sapporo Sake Bombs.   I’ve had Sapporo and I’ve had sake but never at the same time.  I know you are supposed to chug them, but that always seems like a waste.  When you sip them, then they end up with a rather tasty combination of beer with a little bit of a rice-like finish.  For the second drink, I had their cold sake, which, to my surprise, was unfiltered  (my favorite).  

For Nigiri, we ordered the Hawaiian Roll (tempura fried, salmon, crab, mango, and mirin mango puree), the Snow White (crispy seabass, avocado, burdock root, bibb lettuce, soy paper, and spicy cream sauce), and the South Pacific (eel tempura, cream cheese, pineapple, scallion, and eel sauce).  My favorite was the South Pacific because the way it was constructed was cream cheese and pineapple in the center, and then the eel in a separate roll above.  It was crunchy, creamy, and sweet, making for a complete bite. 

 Just to top things off, we also split an order of Crispy Crawfish with tempura pickle and miso mustard sauce.  This was Dennis’s favorite.  The crawfish was crunchy and spicy, the pickle was tangy and crunchy, and the sauce was the icing on the cake that brought it all together.

In making future plans to see a show in Omaha in a couple of weeks, I was excited to see that this same Happy Hour special is available late, starting at 10:30 on Fridays and Saturdays—a perfect post show treat.  

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