Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Dough, Two Bread Roll-Ups

I made up a batch of pizza/focaccia dough on Saturday to have something warm to munch on during the big blizzard that swept the Plains.  In Lincoln, we got a foot and I was glad to have a warm blanket to snuggle under instead of having to venture outdoors.

The focaccia recipe I have makes a good size batch, so I've started making it and then refrigerating half the dough.  This works as long as the dough in the refrigerator is wrapped in saran wrap or is in a very airtight container.  If it isn't, then the outside of the dough gets a really thick skin and so won't form correctly.

Last night, I was mainly eating out leftovers, but wanted something warm and doughy because it was a kind of warm and doughy night.  Luckily, I had the other half of focaccia dough chilling in the frig.  Only problem, did I want sweet or savory?  After debating for a while, I decided why make Sophie's Choice.  So, I split the leftover dough in half and experimented.

Experiment 1: Cheesy Pepperoni Bread
For this concoction, I stretched out the dough as much as I could in a large rectangle.  Then, I topped it with cheese, pepperonis, and red pepper flakes.  Next, I rolled it once along the first row of pepperoni, and then again to seal it, trapping all the cheese and  pepperoni goodness in the layers of squishy white dough.
Experiment 2: Fig Butter Roll-Up
For my sweet bread, I again stretched out the dough into a large rectangle.  I smeared a large glob of Fig Butter, scattered on craisins and almonds, and then sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon.  I rolled this one up (forming more of a circle because there are no pepperonis to work around) and pushed it a little flat.  Then, the bread roll got a healthy lavishing of brown sugar butter on top to make it a little sweeter. 
 Both bread rolls went into a 425°F oven for 15 minutes and came out steamy and squishy.  Both were good for their own reasons, but the fig butter was particularly satisfying--nutty, sweet, rich.  Just what I wanted to end a night with.  
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