Friday, February 24, 2012

Food Photo Friday: Feb. 24th

This Food Photo Friday is for my mom.  She is a dedicated reader and avid supporter of my blog.  When I started doing Food Photo Friday, she saw a picture in Reader's Digest that she wanted me to feature.  So, when in looking for this Friday's picture on Pinterest I found the same watermelon picture, it seemed time to fitting.

In doing some research, I found that this photo was taken by Sarah Illenberger, a German photographer.  Her work tends to play stark backgrounds to offset imaginative and playfully assembled objects.  There is one photo, "See/Say Chew Before You Swallow," of pretzel dough made into tendrils.  It almost looks like an octopus but with twice as many legs.  The photo I'm featuring, "Meloncholie," is both whimsical and sad and makes you look at watermelon in quite a different way.   
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