Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pies and Pints

 Over the summer, Dennis and I were driving through Charleston, WV, and decided to stop downtown for lunch.  One of the places I noticed was a restaurant called, Pies and Pints.  The menu featured lots of foodie driven pizza options--Grape Pie, Thai Pie, Mediterranean Shrimp Pie--and great microbrews on tap.  Unfortunately, at the time, Dennis and I were looking for something a bit cheaper and easier, so we opted for a more traditional Italian pizza place down the street.

When I moved to Lincoln and saw that there was a Pies and Pints, I was a little excited to get the chance to finally try one.  So, on Thursday Dennis and I had a date night and went to the Haymarket area of downtown to give it a shot.

Yuppied, trendy pizza place this Pies and Pints is not.  Catering to UNL college students, they offer reasonable pizza and cheap beer.  Students always gets 10% of regular prices with idea; lunch specials feature two slices and a soda for around $5.00; another special features a pint of Sam Adams and a personal pizza for $7.50.  On Thursday, we were able to get a pitcher of Miller for $6.00 and a large Supreme Pizza for $2.00 off.  Ultimately, not a bad deal.

The menu does have some pretty playful pizzas.  I'd like to try the double entendre ridden pizza, the  "Flaming Head," a pizza topped with chicken, sausage, Tabasco, jalapenos, mushrooms, and optional habenaros.  There is also "Wisconsin Best," bacon, macaroni, cheddar sauce, mozzarella, and cheddar.

So, though not the Pies and Pints experience I thought I was going to get, it was overall a success.  Nothing fancy, it is what it is--a nice college hangout with tasty food, pool, skee ball, and beer. 

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