Monday, March 26, 2012

Ethnic Side of Lincoln: Pan Dulce Bakery

Sorry for the hiatus.  Although I may not have been actively blogging, I've been doing some research.  Today is the first of a series of posts about ethnic foodie finds in Lincoln, NE.

I don't know the why and wherefore, but Lincoln is home to several large ethnic groups.  Part of that history comes from the Russian and European settlements that made their way out to Lincoln.  You can see signs of that past through the Germans from Russia Museum and in the ever present fast food chain, Runza, which is named after a meat pocket style sandwich that originated in Russia.

However, Lincoln also has several other large ethnic niches as reflected in several different markets.  The two largest ethnic groups represented in the food scene are Hispanic and Vietnamese.  Along 27th, there are about 4 (possibly more) Asian markets.  Also along 27th are several Mexican markets and restaurants, even little taco stands serving late.

The place I'm launching my Ethnic Side of Lincoln Series is Pan Dulce Bakery.  The bakery is located on G and 11th (official address is 801 S. 11th) around the corner from a market and an ice cream parlor.

I've only gone a handful of times, but I leave happy and with a paper sack full of goodies.  Everything is incredibly affordable (four pastries runs about $2.50) so you can feel free to try lots.  When you get in, there is a stack of trays with tongs.  The first time in there, a little boy ran in with lots of excitement, grabbed a tray and tongs, handed it to his Dad, and started looking at all the goodies--he knew the drill.   

I have to admit, I don't really know what anything is so I try something different every time.  Most are puffy and cake like, but frosting isn't big.  On some, there is a type of crispy sweet exterior, others opt for fruit or bostom creme style fillings.  Overall, there is more emphasis on the pastry than on a icing and frosting accoutrement.

On the day I was taking pictures, I got a puffy coconut covered pink thing with creme on the top; it was something like an inside out  Sno-Ball but without the chocolate.  I also tried one of the Strawberry filled and one of the Boston Creme filled pies.  Dennis and I split a Pumpkin one last time and the Pumpkin is the best (although I am a little partial to Boston Creme).

The one repeat I had was a pastry that I call the Lobster Tail, because it looks like those Italian pastries of the same name.  These are made of light pastry (that my guess is shortening based) and lots of creamy filling.  I will admit that there is a slight aftertaste, but with a cup of coffee nobody is going to notice.

So, it you find yourself on 11th Street and you've got a sweet tooth, swing into Pan Dulce Bakery, grab a tray, put anything that looks tasty on it, and enjoy a treat. 

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