Friday, September 2, 2011

Food Photo Friday: Sept. 2

This "Photo Friday" picture comes from a website, Molecule-R. Molecule-R Flavors is a Montreal-based company dedicated to helping both amateur and professional chefs learn about molecular gastronomy and mixology. 

I found Molecule-R's Flickr photo album through Pininterest when I was looking up pictures of molecular cooking.  As a foodie, I'm still not sure how I feel about Molecular Gastronomy, but these pictures made me rethink things.  All of the photos made molecular cooking look so appetizing, elegant, and tasty that I had to wonder a little bit about what I missing.  Although they have a really chic pic entitled "Molecular Mojito," "Whiskey Shots" was the one I liked the most and is part of the pictures from Molecule-R's instructional DVD for their Cocktail R-EVOLUTION kit.  "Whiskey Shots" is my favorite partly because I do love whisky, but mainly because I like how the picture plays with focus , reflection, and texture.  The contrast of the smooth spherical whiskey, shiny metal spoons, and texture wood gives the shot a complex tactile quality. 

Whiskey Shots by Molecule-R

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  1. Have you seen this website?

  2. @Ta

    I just checked them out and those are great pictures. I also looked at the food styling page and there are some really pretty and whimsical food pictures. Since you were my first "Food Photo Friday" pic, I'll go with your nomination and see if I can get them to be next Friday's person.

  3. OMG! It was my first time to see a photo like this (grins*). I love the creation of this image. Thanks for posting it. I love love love it.


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