Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Photo Friday: Sept. 30

This week, I am featuring a picture from the food blog of Chef Julie Yoon, who states simply that "life is de-li-cious."  Julie's site is dedicated to an idea I fully support which is that gourmet cooking can be easy, affordable, and approachable. As part of her website, she includes sharp video demonstrations that have very sassy cinematography.  Julie shared with me that the theme of these videos is "using fresh ingredients for simple cooking, with a hint of gourmet, and a relaxed attitude."  I think that reads clearly in the presentation, editing, and feel of the videos and I recommend checking a couple out.   

I chose the picture below from a post, "Good Cooks Have Good Friends." On Tastespotting and FoodGawker, I see a lot of really great food pictures that are well-scaped and arranged.  I liked that this picture has qualities you usually see in scaped food photography, but it also embraces being an "action" moment that reminds us of food being part of a shared moment with others.  Food photography is often about food, but rarely about eating.  To say that sentiment in another way, food photography shows off the food, highlights its tastiness and appeal, but isn't about the moment of eating and enjoying.  The pictures I featured from Spoon Fork Bacon and A Cozy Kitchen also had a wonderful quality of being part of a meal, but I liked how well this picture embraced food as part of a dinner party, part of a shared experience. 

It also doesn't hurt that this meal look amazing and not to be missed.  I am little envious of not being there. 
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  1. Thanks Down Home Foodie for featuring our photo and for all the nice things you said about it, as well as our videos and blog. Appreciate the spot light!



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