Thursday, September 15, 2011

Viva Las Vegas: Dessert at The Cupcakery

The Cupcakery
After walking around the MGM Grand, New York New York Casino, and a couple other casinos, Kathy and I had a lapse in time between the sightseeing we had done and our evening plans.  While looking at the guidebook to find a snack, I noticed that there was a cupcake place in Monte Carlo casino.  And, one of my rules to live by is never pass up the opportunity to go to have a cupcake. 

When I saw The Cupcakery, I immediately liked it.  Mainly, I love using the word “cupcakery” and I hadn’t ever really heard someone else use that phrase.  I immediately felt that here was a kindred spirit.
Kathy got the "Peanut Butter Twist" and I had the "Kir Royal."  The peanut butter in the cake batter was so terrifically sweet, salty, and nutty; but, the cupcake probably could have used a slightly more exciting frosting the vanilla and chocolate swirled butter cream that topped it.   The Kir Royal kicked cupcake ass.  A raspberry cake, topped with a light and fluffy icing that let the kir peak through, combined to make for a not too sweet and just the right amount of sass.  It is one of the rare cupcakes that doesn’t make you feel “blah” and overly sugared after eating it.  You feel happy, content, and giddy.  It was so good, I did contemplate buying a $.50 shot of frosting which The Cupcakery offers . . . but didn’t want to push my luck. 

Overall, I’d agree with The Cupcakery being named a Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll 2011 “Best of Las Vegas” Winner.  Delightful cupcakery chicanery.  

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