Friday, September 16, 2011

Food Photo Friday: Sept. 16

This week I am using one of my own pictures.  I had nominations ready, but I took a picture this weekend that I really liked.  Unfortunately, I have no reason to use it for anything, which is why it ended up the "Food Photo Friday" pic.  

I was trying to take pictures of ginger ale in a measuring cup and ended up playing around with some dramatic angles.  The one I ended up using was this one. . 
However, I had taken another that I thought was more interesting, except that it didn't really read clearly as being ginger ale in a measuring class.
I liked it because it reminded me of a Vegas picture I took of a light installment: 
It probably is not really considered a success when you take a picture of food and you end up making food look not like food.  Yet, it is still a little intriguing anyway. 
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