Thursday, September 1, 2011

Viva Las Vegas: Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi

After the experience at Hash-house, all other brunches kind of paled by comparison.  But, the brunch at Mon Ami Gabi was worth mentioning.

Although a chain, its positioning in Vegas at Paris Casino, settled at the base of the Vegas Eifel Tower, gives Mon Ami charm.  It also has Parisian style outdoor seating with red umbrellas and with great people watching views. 

The food was also reasonable and a good way to start the day.  There is quite a range of options: eggs benedict with crab, baguettes with Nutella, smoked salmon, quiche Lorraine, French toast, etc.  Kathy had the crepe du jour, a crepe served flat with a slight brulee, a side of whipped cream, and strawberries, peaches, and brown lemon butter.  It was a satisfying combination of bright, caramelization, and crunchy texture. 

I got the Croissant Sandwich composed of egg, tomato, avocado, turkey, and mayonnaise.  I was a little surprised that the mayonnaise was just mayonnaise.  Considering aioli is so trendy and flavoring mayo is all the rage, then plain mayonnaise did seem kind of boring when it could so have had rosemary, lemon, wasabi, anything.  As is, though, it was still pretty satisfying.  A little too much turkey and egg, but the avocado covers so many sins, making the sandwich seem cool and fresh, despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary.  I also really appreciated the side of bitter greens to give texture and freshness. 

Although the food didn’t blow me away, it was a great price and an enjoyable setting.  Were it not for the food, that is clearly an American interpretation of Paris, and the noises, zipping of cars on the strip, you might for one moment imagine yourself in Paris.  

Well, if you set your mind to it.  
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  1. The pictures look so vibrant! It looks like the food is jumping out of the pictures.

  2. @Kathy

    Thanks! I had read somewhere once that you shouldn't do close-up shots of food because it makes food look silly. But, I kind of like it and seem to keep doing it anyway.


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