Sunday, September 11, 2011

Viva Las Vegas: Dessert at Vosges

In order to get to try as many different types of food venues, dessert became an afternoon snack instead of at the restaurant were Kathy and I had the main meal.  I got to try a little chocolate at Vosges, a little cake at The Cupcakery, and a little pastry at Bouchon Bakery.

Vosges, known for their out of the ordinary chocolate bar combinations (Bacon + Chocolate; Lemon + Pink Peppercorns + White Chocolate; Ginger + Wasabi + Black Sesame Seeds + Dark Chocolate), has a store in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.    Featuring a big sign that says, “Bacon Caramel Toffee,” it is a shop that defies walking by and not going in. 
Since I can get Vosges candy bars lots of places, I went for the truffles.  I tried the Siam Citron and the Absinthe.  The Absinthe is a nod to the liquor it is named after and features anise, fennel, pastis, and dark chocolate.  It was creamy and smooth in the center and a big bright bite of licorice flavor.  I’m not sure if I would seek out licorice in my chocolate in the future, but the combination works surprisingly well.  The Siam Citron, though, was my favorite: jasmine tea, lemongrass, coconut, wildflower, marigold petal, and white chocolate.  It is a lovely floral and with somewhat honey like hints brightened with citrust and tempered with smooth mellow white chocolate. 
 Oh, Vosges, thank you for challenging my ideas of what chocolate can and cannot do!

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