Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Lincoln (Pt. 1)

Because I will eventually be moving to Lincoln and will have lots of time for blogging about Lincoln cuisine, I didn’t feel as pressured to do as much scouting and tasting on this trip.   But, two food finds, the Dairy Store and Lazlo's Brewery and Grill, are worth mentioning and gave me high hopes for the foods that await me when I become a resident.

Dairy Store
Dennis and I spent one afternoon walking around the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.  While wandering around the Student Union an ice cream place caught my eye.  Turns out, in 1917 the dairy branch of UNL’s farming and agriculture department started the Dairy Store which produces ice cream and cheeses.  After eying the flavors, the idea of cool and creamy ice cream seemed like a good counterbalance to the warm walk.  I got in line with “chai chip” in my mind, when, at the last minute, my eyes were drawn to two words—Maple Bacon.   

I tried a little bit and then ordered a whole cone.  Rich, full, creamy ice cream with subtle warm maple made for a decadent ice cream on its own right.  But, they didn’t stop there.  Completing the flavor profile was finely diced-up pieces of real bacon scattered throughout.  It is ice cream that hits sweet and velvety and then finishes with chewy tidbits.  It is reminiscent of dipping bacon in your pancake syrup.  

I once wrote about kummerspeck, or “grief bacon,” but Maple Bacon ice cream is pure “joy bacon.”    

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