Saturday, July 23, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Lexington (Pt. 3)

Picture from "Cupcake War" in Ace Weekly
Brown’s Bakery 
Brown’s came to my attention when Dennis handed me an insert from the local paper that was titled, “Cupcake Wars.”  It ends up that a local cupcake creator is on Food Network’s CupcakeWars Season 3 line-up.  On the way out of Lexington, we stopped at Brown’s Bakery to grab to cupcakes for the road    

I chose a Bourbon Chocolate Pecan concoction.   I didn't know this at the time, but this is one of the cupcakes featured on Cupcake Wars. The yellow cake was light and spongy and the frosting was not too sweet.  There were good hints of vanilla and a slight touch of bourbon.   
Dennis got a German Chocolate cupcake.  Although I was happy with how good mine was, I was envious of the wonderfulness of the German Chocolate.  It was gooey and soaked with coconut syrup.  Plus, there is more coconut nestled between fluffy chocolate cake and rich chocolatey ganache.  Super moist.  Super decadent. 

I have never liked a cupcake so much that I contemplated eating the wrapper to get every bite.  But, looking at the sticky, coconut soaked German Chocolate paper, I gave it pause for thought.  

Please don't judge.  

That's it for Lexington, KY.  Next up . . . . St. Louis
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  1. Another really great cupcake place is called Blue Ridge Bakery down in Brevard NC. Super great. But when i'm out this way i'll def. try Browns.


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