Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip 2011

 As mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be moving to Lincoln in either August or January.  So, a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took an initial scouting trip to plan the route we’ll take with the Budget truck and get a sense of apartment options.  To make the most of the trip, making it one part vacation and one part reconnaissance, Dennis mapped some interesting towns for us to break-up our journey: Lexington, KY; St. Louis, MO; Lincoln, NE; Joliet and Chicago, IL; Sandusky and Cleveland, OH.

This trip to Nebraska was an adventure of new sights.  The Midwest and Plains are uncharted territory for me, and I saw Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Illinois for the first time. 

New towns.  New scenery.  New food adventures. 

The next series of posts are all about my food adventures while on the road.  There are microbreweries and a winery, some sweets and some spicy, low-end and high-end Mexican food adventures, a new ice-cream flavor, and a run-in with a monster.       
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  1. Splendid! Not only will it be an adventure of a road trip, but you'll also get a good sampling of all the food along the way! It's like you're having this sort of food travelogue, isn't? Perchance, did you happen to try the all-famous Chicago hotdogs? Of course, just don't forget to always take care of yourselves. Make sure to remember the essential stuff, and keep the car in tip-top shape because this'll be like you're "home on wheels" for the duration.

  2. @Ellsworth McIltrot
    Sadly, I did not try one of the hot dogs. I was going to get one at Wrigley Field, but we went to this great burrito place before and I was too full. I'm hoping to get back there soon because the trip to Chicago wasn't nearly long enough. Maybe I'll get one then.


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