Friday, July 29, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Lincoln (Pt. 2)

Lazlo's Brewery and Grill
For dinner one night, we checked out Happy Hour at Lazlo's.  Since eating out so much can really bring a lot of expense, including Happy Hours in your trip is a good means of getting fed and imbibed for less. 

On the night we were there, Lazlo’s was featuring $2 off their microbrews as well as $2 off appetizers. Lazlo’s features beers from Empyrean Brewing Company, their in-house brewery.  I tried two beers, the Dark Side Vanilla Porter and the Third Stone Brown, and Dennis had the Burning Sky Scottish Ale.  The Vanilla Porter has a pleasant mellowness without the excessive sweetness that is sometimes an unpleasant side effect of Vanilla Porters.   The Brown lives up to the description of being a dark beer that isn’t too filling.  I liked that it was nutty and smooth and very drinkable.  But, the Scottish Ale was the star being “sweet and smooth with a wee hint of smoked character.”
For dinner, Dennis ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and I took further advantage of Happy Hour by getting the Slider Trio.  The Buffalo Chicken had a brazen hot sauce, tangy bleu cheese, and tender chicken.  The Slider Trio was a meal on its own and is a trio of the hamburger, cheeseburger, and BBQ bacon.   They are not afraid of slightly pink hamburger meat and I definitely approve.  All were juicy and flavorful, but the best was the BBQ Bacon.  I’m mean, the pictures says it all.  
With Dennis’s and my food, I have to mention a small detail that makes a huge difference.  With both, the bread was the perfect complement to the sandwich.  Sometimes the rolls are too dry, too much, or pull focus from the sandwich; Lazlo’s rolls are a perfect complement by being squishy, slightly tasty, and willing to accept a role as supporting cast.

Lazlo's also has wi-fi.  I know where my future favorite place to work on my blog will be.   

Next stop . . .  Chicago
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  1. Bread is super important. I could not agree more. I have had really delicious hamburgers ruined by stale kaiser rolls more times than i can count. BOO.

  2. An yet they insist on using a crappy hybrid pseudo-rye for what they laughingly call a "classic" Reuben. Oh, and they'll even make it with "smoked turkey". WTF???? That's not a Reuben. That's a "turkey sandwich".


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