Friday, December 2, 2011

Food Photo Friday: Dec. 2

Today, I'm featuring a photo from the blog, The Ravenous Couple, by Hong and Kim.  As I've mentioned before, my best friend is Vietnamese and her mom spoils me with tasty meals every time I got to visit her.  When I move from Virginia to Nebraska in January, one of the many things I'm going to miss is Kathy's mom's cooking.  Luckily, there is a large Vietnamese population in Lincoln, NE, but I'm still going to have to learn a little more about doing it myself. 

Luckily, I found The Ravenous Couple to help me.  Not only do they have a recipe for my second favorite Vietnamese dish, Xoi Bap Sticky Rice, they also have really impressive photography.  The photo of theirs that I picked was from a post on "Vietnamese Blood Sausage."  I picked it because there are several times that with certain foods, I just am unable to figure out how to photograph them and make them look appetizing.  For my stuffing post, one of the pictures I took was of raw sausage meat and it took a while to make it not look like gross raw meat.  In Hong and Kim's post, they took something I imagine would be hard to photograph and made it look tasty and sheik.  I've had Korean blood sausage and rather liked it, so I may have to give this version a try sometime, too. 
Thank you to Hong and Kim for letting me feature their picture.  If you would like to nominate one for Dec. 16th's Food Photo Friday, please email me the link at  
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  1. I love European Blood sausage! In Germany they have it both hard and soft. I LOVE hard blood sausage. (That sounds like such an inappropriate thing to say)...its the consistency of hard salami. SUPER GOOD. And this is a lovely photo.


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