Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heifer Project Campaign

One of my mom and my dad’s favorite charity is the Heifer Project.  In Christmases past, instead of giving gifts my parents make charity donations in each other’s name.  Heifer Project is one they often choose. 

As contributing to charities goes, Heifer Project is probably one of the most satisfying.

For one, it is not a short-term fix, but is a long-term contribution to feeding a family by providing a sustainable food source.  As the website says, Heifer Project helps “families feed themselves.” When you donate money to the Heifer Project, your money helps donate an animal to a family.  This provides ongoing food, eggs, honey, milk, etc.

Two, you are not just helping one family, you help the community.  The first offspring of the animal donated will go to a neighboring family.  Then, the offspring of that animal will go to the next family.  From then on, each first offspring gets donated so that it keeps helping families around the community.  In that way, you aren’t just helping one family, you are helping several.

You don't have to just take my word for it.  To put it another way, here's Alton Brown . . .
What I love most about Heifer Project, as silly as it sounds, is I like getting to choose what animal I want to donate.   Heifer Project has a “Gift Catalogue” so that you can select the animal you want to give.  For $20, you can give a flock of chicks, ducks, or geese.  For $30, you can give a hive of bees.  $150 gets you a llama and $300 gets you fish fingerlings.  How fun to tell someone you bought a cute little flock of chicks in their name.

Of the Heifer Project donations options, my dad always loved the idea of the “Gift Arc,” which is for “changing the world, two by two.”  It is a larger gift and is around $5,000.  However, one “Gift Arc” provides fifteen pairs of animals.  Think of all the wool, transportation, farming assistance, and food that could provide.  And remember, those offspring will also be donated to help out even more families.

Because of leaving a somewhat meager, paycheck to paycheck existence, I don’t always get to contribute to charities like I wish I could.  Plus, at times it feels like what kind of difference is the little contribution I could give going to make.  So, for December I wanted to do something and have decided to use my blog to start a campaign.  But, I need your help.
 I am a small blog that only gets about around 4,500 views a month. What that means, though, is that if every person who views my blog gave a $1 for each post they looked at, then we could combine our donations together to donate a “Gift Arc.”   Hopefully, you will pitch in a little more and guarantee, but a $1 is a great start.

I’m promising to donate the last three months ad revenue which I earned from the ads on my blog.  Although not a lot (just about $10), I’m hoping that my little bits and all of your little bits will add up to one really big and important contribution.

This is the perfect charity for foodies who want to share the gift of food this December.  You get to help provide not just one family with a sustainable food source, but help an entire community!

If you’d like to help Team “Down Home Foodie” raise enough money to donate a “Gift Arc,” then click on the widget below, or visit my team page, "Team Down Home Foodie."

Want more information, check of the "Heifer Project Fact Sheet" or check-out this video from the Heifer Project CEO . . .

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  1. Heifer Project is fabulous! The work they do - much of it on a volunteer basis - is so important. As HPI says, "peace begins when the hungry are fed."

    Not only am I a regular contributor and ardent supporter, they are in my will.


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