Friday, December 16, 2011

Heifer Campaign Update

Instead of Food Photo Friday, I'm going to use the Fridays in Decemember for updating you on the "Team Down Home Foodie" Heifer Project Campaign.  

To start, I want to thank Blue Mountain Brewery for both making a donation and spreading the word about the campaign to all of their Facebook followers

Heifer Project is such a great charity.  With your current donations, the “Down Home Foodie” campaign has earned enough to purchase a Hive of Bees, which is a good start.  Think of not just the honey that a Hive of Bees could provide for a family, but that it also becomes a source of income to do things like buy other food, pay for medicine, or  send a child to school.  

And that is just with $30 in donations.  Think what will happen if we get to the $5000 goal.  
Reprinted with permission from Heifer International 1(800) 422-0474
I’m not asking for huge donations, just a  couple of dollars.  Whatever you want to give to Heifer Project, they will gladly take. 

To donate, either click on “Team Down Home Foodie” or just click on the My Team Heifer widget below.  Money goes straight to Heifer Project and is all handled by them so that your donation gets to start making an impact right away.    

This holiday, give the gift of sustainability!!!

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