Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend in Roanoke: Donuts at Uptown Joe's

Last May, I did a write-up of Blue Collar Joe’s, a donut place in Daleville, VA.  Ever since that first trip, I’ve been a huge fan, and I was very excited to hear that they have set up a second location, Uptown Joe’s, in the newly refurbished Patrick Henry Building in Roanoke. 

My parents and I stopped by for donuts and coffee after having lunch in Downtown Roanoke.   Both Blue Collar and Uptown Joe’s has coffee roasted for them by Lexington Coffee Roasting Company.  That extra little touch is one of the many things that makes Upscale Joe’s more than just the typical donut and coffee joint.  My mom and dad's favorite is the Butter Pecan coffee; but, alas, the Butter Pecan wasn't available on the day.  Instead, I had a nice blend of their daily coffee with a touch of Hazelnut.

Of course, we also got donuts.  Although only around 1:00, Upscale Joe’s was on their third delivery from the main store in Daleville and were close to going through those as well.  They had my all time favorite, the “Blueberry Pancake Donut,” but I went the seasonal route and got the “Pumpkin Cheesecake” and a “Caramel Apple Pie" for later. 
Although the "Pumpkin Cheesecake" looks like a filled donut, it is actually a standard “o” cake style donut topped with a fluffy cream cheese topping.  Because of this, the donut keeps a lot of crunchiness while also having a playful fluffy gooey topping.  Then, the tangy cream cheese counterbalances the hints of pumpkin and spices to just bring the donut flavor in an continuous donut circle of warm to sweet to spicy to creamy and back.  A little donut infinity.  If you need to reset your palate, a small swig of coffee gives you a restart.     
Although a sleek new name and decor to go with the upscale new location, it is still the same old Joe.  And, the donuts still do wrong, right.  

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