Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tips to Happy Food Travels--#4: It's Not a One Shot Deal

When finding restaurants, try not to think about it as your one shot.  Instead, think about it as an adventure. 
Something I wrestle with is putting pressure on myself to find the best possible food experience I can get while I’m in a new town.  Just like you might kick yourself if you missed a rare museum experience, I used to kick myself if I missed a rare food find.  Lately, though, I look at it as finding a meal that makes me happy and makes the trip exciting, but doesn’t necessarily have to be THE ONE.  This may mean going to a restaurant based on how many Michelin Stars it received, whether it is a James Beard Winner, or if it is owned by a Food Network Star. 

However, you may want to be a trailblazer who tests out a local dive and learns from the experience.  That may mean going to a no name place with food that hits the spot and provides cooking ideas, but may be nothing to write home about. 
At the end of the day, picking a restaurant is about picking what you want from the moment.  Don’t kick yourself for the food you didn’t eat, figure out how to enjoy and understand the food you do. 
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