Friday, August 12, 2011

Tips to Happy Food Travels--#2: Microbreweries

Tip #2: Microbreweries
When deciding where to eat in Lincoln, I chose Lazlo’s, a microbrewery in the Haymarket area.  Dennis asked me why that choice and I replied, "because it's a microbrewery."  This answer was the only reason I had, but it seemed to be a good one.  Later after dinner, while relishing in a tasty, satisfying experience, Dennis congratulated me on a good choice.  It was at that point that I really understood why “because it’s a microbrewery” is a perfectly good reason.  

If I had any travel wisdom on picking a good restaurant, I'd say that “go with a microbrewery” has served me well.  My rationale is that when a place cares enough to brew, temper, craft, and design their own beer, they will also be just as passionate about their food.  Why put so much care in one and not the other? 
After a good turn at Square One Brewery and Distillery, Blue Mountain Brewery, Devil's Backbone, and Lazlo’s and many other breweries, I am standing by the food tip, "go with the microbrewery."  
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