Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips to Happy Food Travels--#5: Know What You Want

I really liked Culinary Woman’s post on “How Do You Like to Eat.”   I agree that you know best about what you want to eat and experience and how best to do that.   I have been pretty lucky in my life in that my belly leads me on the right track.  That is not a very useful tip to give, especially if you don’t have a very good track record of going with your gut.  So, I’ll amend the statement to say, you know what foods you like and the type of restaurant that looks good to you. 

Think of your top five favorite restaurant experiences.  Think about what is on the menu, what the restaurant looked like,and  what kind of ambiance it has.  Then, go with a restaurant that fits that description.  If you like upscale, trendy, yuppie, then go to that neighborhood and walk around.  If you like diners and dives, look for those.  You want an ethnic adventure, find the most interesting looking one and give it a shot.    You know best about what you like.  Just because I love to go with a good hole-in-the-wall joint doesn’t mean you will.  Just because it is on a top 10, doesn’t mean it would be on your top 10 list.  

You know what you want, so go out and find it. 
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